Ceilidh Bands or Barn Dance bands provide ideal entertainment for a variety of events including Weddings, wakes, corporate events, fundraisers and parties. 

Each Ceilidh Band has a caller whose task is to teach everyone what the steps are and how to do the dances, catering for experts and novices alike.

Ceilidhs are the ideal way to get people to know each other in a friendly atmosphere.

As long as there is a fairly flat area of floor big enough for the dancers, a Ceilidh can be held almost anywhere. An ample supply of liquid refreshment also helps the proceedings along as it is thirsty work.

Ceilidhs are also useful ways of keeping fit in an interesting way amongst like minded people.

Ceilidhs can be held in a number of venues, as long as there is a dance floor area free of carpet or an uneven surface.

Ceilidh bands should be in possession of both Public Liability and PAT testing of equipment to ensure client safety.

Ceilidh Bands should issue a contract outlining and confirming performance times, dates and venue and any special requirements on both parties. These contracts should be signed by both parties and each party keeping a copy.



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